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There is a flexible discount system implemented in BILLmanager, which enables assigning discounts to a certain client or to a group of clients meeting certain criteria.

A discount can be given:

  • personally to a certain client. Such discount will be only related to a client it was assigned to. Personal discount can be assigned in Menu Clients -> Discounts.
  • to all clients meeting certain criteria. These criteria can be configured in the Promotions module.

Discount can be related to:

  • all products and services
  • products and services of a certain project
  • a certain product/service
  • a certain validity period of a product/service
  • a tariff plan add-on

Personal discount

Let's imagine we want to assaign a 50%-discount to a client for Host AB billing plan prolongation.

In order to create the discount, go to menu Clients -> Discounts which opens up the discount administration interface. Click the button Add to create a new discount.

Discount settings:


Notice: we consciously set a large time interval in fields start date and end date. These values determine the actual period of time during which a discount will be valid. . If for example we set the interval from 2014-04-22 to 2016-07-22 and the service is prolonged for one year on 2016-05-22, the discount will be assigned to the client not for a year but for the first two months i.e. until 2016-07-22, after that date the price will be standard (with no discount).

Choose a Year option in the order periods field. It's necessary if client wants to prolong his service exactly for 1 year. If we prolong a service for any other period of time this discount will not work.

Personal discounts can be applied both on service prolongation and purchase.


Let's imagine we want to give a free domain name to all clients, who bought a virtual server.

In order to accomplish this go to Promotions, create a Promotion and set up its Conditions.


In the Validity period field choose The whole period, as it doesn’t matter for what exact period a virtual server is ordered.

Promotion discounts can be applied in menu Promotions -> Discounts.


In order to apply a domain discount only for the first year, change the Validity period field to Several first months and set 12 in the Validity period, months field.

What discount will be applied?

There are situations when one client has several discounts at the same time. So, what discount will be applied in this case?

Discounts never sum up, so if a client has several discounts, then:

  • discount with the highest priority will be applied. Discount priority can be set in the field Discount priority in the Discount edition/creation interface. For promotion discounts one cannot apply priority, but it exists and equals 0.
  • if priorities are equal, then a more concrete discount will be applied. For example if a client has a 10% discount for all products and a 5% discount for domain names, then 5% discount will be applied by a domain name order.
  • if priorities are equal, then a more concrete discount.